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Payday loan for young workers

The payday loan for young workers has many advantages. First, because it takes into account the specific situation of young workers. The 18-29-year- olds have little professional history and limited finances, their borrowing capacity is necessarily affected.

The advantages of a payday loan for young workers

The advantages of a personal loan for young workers

The payday loan for young workers includes these elements. Therefore, a payday loan allows young workers:

• 100% finance a major expense (eg purchase of a car);
• not having to provide overly large guarantees;
• benefit from attractive interest rates;
• have fixed monthly payments;
• to settle this loan in advance at no cost.

A “young active” payday loan via the loan between individuals

On the Internet, lending between individuals represents a new way of accessing credit, by freeing oneself from traditional lending institutions. The loan between individuals corresponds to the new aspirations of young workers. The 18-29-year-olds, the ones we used to call generation Y, were born and raised with new technologies.

Social networks, media, e-commerce: young workers are ultra-connected and have their consumption habits on the Internet. Crowdlending is part of this trend. On an online platform, it is also possible to complete a loan dossier between individuals 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! Collaborative credit also corresponds to the sharing values ​​of Generation Y, which plays a major role in the emergence of collaborative consumption.

A collaborative credit platform thus allows borrowers to benefit from savings invested by other individuals, to finance their projects. The platform plays the role of “trusted third party”. This new mode of consumption makes it possible to give a more human dimension to payday loans, and this is reflected in the cost of consumer credit. Because a credit platform between individuals is distinguished by reduced costs compared to a traditional lender.

Get a payday loan for young active people thanks to Fine Bank

Get a personal loan for young active people thanks to Good Credit

Created in 2011, Fine Bank is the first web credit platform that connects borrowers and investors. This start-up – populated by young professionals – has revolutionized consumer credit to the point of being approved by the prudential supervisory and resolution authority of the Good Finance.

To make finance more responsible, Fine Bank democratizes consumer credit and makes it more accessible and less expensive. Two essential criteria to enable young workers to finance their beginnings in life with monthly payments that do not reduce their purchasing power. A payday loan for young workers with Fine Bank is:

• benefit from a competitive interest rate that is among the most attractive on the market;
• benefit from a clear and unsurprising offer (often, in banking organizations, so-called free options pay off in practice);
• obtain a clear and rapid response (within 24 hours * after receipt of the borrower’s complete file).

Final decision within 24 hours: Upon receipt of your complete file, Fine Bank can reply to you within 24 hours by SMS in the event of acceptance, and by email in the event of refusal.

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