Credit Card for Self-Employed

The Spin Lender credit card is also available for students and can also be issued to the self-employed. Your employees pay conveniently, securely, cashless and are liquid at all times. Independent credit card without wearing glasses, armed, power equipment.

Intelligent marketing for independent customers

Intelligent marketing for independent customers

A credit institution like Across Lender, which focuses primarily on private customers – and thus on a broad market – faces a major challenge in the current environment: On the one hand, customers expect optimal service that is appropriate to their current life situation. On the other hand, the house bank hardly sees its customers themselves.

It is therefore essential to make optimal use of the existing online and offline channels and to always offer consumers what they really need and want. The aim is that if around half of all customers already process their financial transactions on the Internet, the individual dealings in the branch will be kept to a minimum. At the same time, the house bank must ensure that it can recognize cases in which a targeted approach promises advantages and profits?

Existing customers no longer understand classic direct market – such as sending brochures or large telephone campaigns – with their consciously accepted wastage. In the event-based marketing area, both personal events such as a wedding or a career start as well as economic events such as an exceptionally high inflow of funds must be used.

Because these are the moments when customers not only allow consultation, but actually expect it, ”says Collros. Although the company is not yet very clear on this, the event-based marketing concept is clear evidence of big data analytics in a broad market. Billions of data on hundreds of thousands of consumers have to be continuously evaluated, evaluated, processed and distributed.

Best idea to finance your needs

Best idea to finance your needs

Not by specialists for specialists, but by specialists who permanently provide sales recommendations to more than 10,000 employees – and possibly in real time: “Learn to walk again”. “However, the previous solution has been exhausted and has no longer been sufficient to meet the needs and growth of Binary Lender.

After all, it is of no use if we have good campaign ideas and want to break new ground and then slow down due to the infrastructure. Cross-selling suggestions and 1.6 million support tips for employees and the company in the branches – every day. The advantages for our employees and for our results are obvious. Prida Cash Lender definitely has a competitive advantage in the heavily frequented Swiss market: “

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